Action Keyboard Remote Control
Channel + +
Channel - -
Up Channel (Now and Next Popup) Up arrow
Down Channel (Now and Next Popup) Down arrow
Watch Channel (Now and Next Popup) Enter OK
Enable Subtitles (Closed Caption) Ctrl-X
Previous Channel Ctrl-W
Record current show Ctrl-K Record button
Resume Playback (if previously paused) Ctrl-P PLAY button
Stop Live TV and return to menu Ctrl-S STOP button
Pause Live TV Ctrl-Q PAUSE button
Fast-forward (if previously paused) Ctrl-F FF button (>>)
Rewind (if previously paused) Ctrl-R REWIND button (<<)
Skip forward (60 s by default)* Ctrl-[Right Arrow] SKIP button (>|)
Skip back (30 s by default)* Ctrl-[Left Arrow] REPLAY button (|<)
Skip forward xx minutes/seconds* number of minutes/seconds + Ctrl-[Left Arrow] number of minutes/seconds + SKIP button
Skip forward (60 s by default)* [Right Arrow] Right button
Skip back (30 s by default)* [Left Arrow] Left button
Show info bar and timeline Ctrl-B Info button
Show EPG Overlay F1
Toggle aspect ratio F7
Toggle PIP display Shift-8 *
Swap PIP channel with main channel Shift-3 #
Change PIP channel (eg, open PIP on channel 123) 123, Shift-8 123, *
Toggle PIP position Shift-4 $
Toggle PIP size Shift-5 %
Channel Resolution and Signal Info etc Ctrl-I

Note: The FF/RW behaviour configuration option has an effect on these which of these operation is performed for these the FF/RW/Left/Right keys.

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