Content Tasks

New Content

  • page for imageGrabLite.exe?


Incomplete pages

  • Search for ....
  • Add some screenshots or diagrams to the Aspect Ratio page to help explain the options.
  • Source and supported formats of video metadata.
    • Have an example folder structure and show the screenshots of where NextPVR is using the metadata and art (bling).
  • Blu-Ray support (added blu-ray support to both 'video library' and 'DVD' in main menu. To play Blu-Ray you need AnyDVD-HD installed, aswell as the LAV Splitter. This will get you playback of the main movie, not menus.)
  • Client.MVP page.

In Review

  • ...


  • PluginDevelopment area design.
    • Create a page for every public interface and some classes. Others can fill in the details.
  • Intro page
    • Plugins can add to the funcionality of N-PVR (link to plugins category).
    • Requirements (knowledge and hardware/software eg VS 2008 C#/.NET knowledge etc)
  • Documentation
    • Types of plugin (menu, video, event handler for things like IMON et


  • ...


  • Site and page stats - so can discover which pages are the most popular etc.

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