IR Server Suite

As of the time of this guide being written, the latest version is

IR Server Suite (IRSS) is a very simple to configure remote control utility that works fine in NPVR. This guide will quickly get you up and running.

I use NPVR with a DIRECTV receiver and an older Microsoft Media Center USB Blaster on a Windows 7 64-bit computer with a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1800.

1) Download the latest version of IRSS from the link above.

2) Open the .ZIP file for IRSS and start the install. In the CHOOSE COMPONENTS section, you will only need to check the boxes in front of...

IR Server

Under Tools - Abstractor - Debug Client - Translator

Under CommandLine Tools - IR Blast

You will be asked to install either as a SERVICE or APPLICATION. I installed as a SERVICE.

3) When the install finishes, you will be asked to run the IR SERVER CONFIGURATION which you will need to do. Click FINISH.

4) The IR SERVER CONFIGURATION will open and should have your device to send IR commands pre-selected. For my set up, MICROSOFT MCE was pre-selected. For whatever device you have, make sure it is selected. If your device is not listed then it is not supported. Click OK to exit.

5) Now it is time to get your receiver's remote control IR codes learned. To do this, click the Windows Start button and go to ALL PROGRAMS > IR SERVER SUITE > TRANSLATOR. Now look for a green box on the system tray by the Windows clock. When you mouse over it, it will say it is TRANSLATOR. Right-click once on it then left-click once on SETUP. Check the box at the bottom in front of "Start Translator with Windows".

6) Click the IR Commands tab. The only buttons that will need to be learned are 0-9. Let's start with 0. Click the NEW button. For the name, call it 0. Click the LEARN button. Place your receiver remote close to the USB sensor and quickly tap the 0 button. DO NOT HOLD THE 0 BUTTON DOWN!!! JUST TAP IT!!! Once the 0 IR code is learned, click OK. You will now see 0 on the list. Repeat for 1-9. When done, click OK on the TRANSLATOR window.

7) Now we need to tell NPVR to use IRSS to change channels so open NPVR and right-click on the main window then left-click on SETTINGS.

8) Click on DEVICES then double-click on the device you want to change channels on.

9) Under Channel Changer, click the ... button to the right of the EXECUTABLE field.

For 64-bit Windows, it is C:\Program Files (x86)\IR Server Suite\IRBlast.exe

For 32-bit Windows, it is C:\Program Files\IR Server Suite\IRBlast.exe

10) In the ARGUMENTS field, enter this...

-channel {channel} -delay 500 -host localhost

11) Click OK then click OK on the SETTINGS window. You are now DONE!

To test, open Live TV and change the channel using either your receiver's remote or your keyboard.

OPTIONALLY BUT RECOMMENDED, click the Windows Start button and open the Control Panel. In the "Search Control Panel" box on the top right, type in SERVICES. This should list Administrative Tools and under that you will see "View local services". Click on that to open SERVICES. Look for IR SERVER and double-click on it to open. Click the RECOVERY tab and change the 3 FAILURE options to RESTART THE SERVICE. Click APPLY then OK. Better to be safe than sorry when an important recording is scheduled.

steeb doing some tests for X-NEWA!


What is X-NEWA

•it is a python addon for XBMC that provides access to NextPVR recordings, deletions, schedulings. search, resume logic, EPG and LiveTV via NEWA's web services and the NextPVR streaming backend.

•it extends features of NextPVR to XBMC that aren't currently available in XBMC PVR

•It is to XBMC what NEWA is to a browser and iNEWA to a smart phone or tablet. nDroid is slighty different (please explain nDroid)

What isn't X-NEWA

•It is not sub's fantastic XBMC PVR addon •It is not a dumb client using "emulation mode" like the MVP or NMT •it is not currently integrated with the XBMC TV Shows and Movies database, NextPVR is the source of all metadata and art.

Why would I use X-NEW and not sub's XMBC addon? •you really should try sub's plugin first •navigation support for recordings in progress •you mainly use NextPVR and NMT client and you want to share resume bookmarks. •your XBMC doesn't support Frodo, tested on OpenElec, GeeXBox and XBMCbuntu live

Why would I use XBMC and not NextPVR as a client? •you use XBMC and want a PVR •you want to use XBMC Audio Engine •you have trouble with codecs etc •excellent navigation in ts files small and long jumps •want to use your phone/tablet to control your player (big for me) •you want to use cheap PC. (it runs on Linux without needing $100 for Windows, also on some small devices I have it on my Cubox and Pivos DS but only really think the Pivos is ready for anyone to use, it is all very beta. How do I install XBMC and X-NEWA •Install XBMC and from System->Settings->Add-on choose the install from zip option and navigate to the downloaded zip file. Under Programs it shows up as a new option •Note it should work on Dharma, Eden and Frodo but my luck it doesn't work on alpha6 a1-5 and a7 are fine Tips •the XBMC remote takes getting, I suggest trying with a keyboard. •make sure your firewall is open for streaming from NextPVR on 8866

General Usage Tips

Configure X-NEWA

Once installed use the settings tab in the XBMC Programs add-on selection


For the most part the key actions are self explanatory but a few keys are hidden in the EPG

- hit P or Play to play directly without going into the EPG - hit a number to enter a channel number, or Info when there are no numbers - hit Home or Menu to jump in EPG by days and many hours - returning while video is playing in the EPG will continue Here is an example of some of this [b]EPG Setup[b] Use Setting to configure the number of hours to show and number of columns in the guide. I like 8 rows (Row Height 55) and 3 hours (Display Interval 150)

NextPVR newbies

Cancel will cancel an in progress recording and Delete deletes a recording from disk and from the database

Watch in-progress recordings

If you save recording files to share you can navigate and use resume bookmarks

You can use XBMC\s advancedsetting.xml and path substitution to your advantage to access files that you save to a C Drive or other drive paths that are shared even with linux systems

Also Hitting Escape does not stop video Stop or X to stop


XBMC logs a lot of data especially in debug mode. If I need them to debug, compress and send the xbmc.log file found on you PC Note the disclaimers on the page that passwords of shares could be exposed. I probably need your npvr.db3 file but something might jump out at me in the logs.


v 1.2.1


- Back can be used like Esc - Recurring recordings didn't display, I missed a utf piece. - code clean up

v 1.2.0


- improved utf-8 handling throughout - better handling of manual records - added a little more room for the channel name - search wouldn't always work if the result include a recording.

v 1.2.1


Thanks to everyone involved in this, analog from MythBox for the original code, Ton for the first GBPVR code this is based on, UJB for the great help adding extra things to NEWA web service to make this work so well, and of course, sub for such a wonderful PVR, a great frontend and backend that keeps getting better.



  1. Create the folder SoftPVR in the NextPVR program folder (eg "C:\Program Files\npvr\SoftPVR").
  2. Download the latest version of WinTV7 from the Hauppauge support website and copy it to this new folder.
  3. Download and run the bat file suitable for your system. If you are using Windows 7 the commands will need to be run with elevated privileges (right-click and select 'Run as Admin').
  4. Once the SoftPVR components have been installed the WinTV7 installer can be safely deleted.

Please note: The following bat files are configured for installing from WinTV7 v2.8a. For other versions of WinTV7 the bat file will need editing (in notepad) to change the version number of WinTV7 that has been downloaded. Δ (0 downloads) Δ (0 downloads)

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