This screen allows you to browse and listen to your digital music files.


The following buttons are available on the hidden menu bar.


Returns to the Main Menu.


Cycles between the available view modes:



Shows the playlist popup.


Randomizes the current playlist.

Playlist popup

This popup allows you to view and manage the list of queued tracks. Select a track to starting playing it. You can also remove tracks from the playlist using the delete key.

File types

The NextPVR music screen will show all files which match the extensions set in the config.xml file. With the right codec it is able to play almost any type of audio file. Playlist files (.m3u) are also supported.

<MusicLibrary extensions="^.+\.(mp3|ogg|m3u|wma|aac|wav|m4a|fla|flac)$">


The directories used for music are configured on the Media Folders tab of the settings dialog.

Metadata and Album Art

The NextPVR music screen can display album art, it looks for files named folder.jpg or default.jpg and if found will display them as a directory thumbnails. Some skins can also show additional metadata from the ID3 tags (extra track, artist and album details such as name and genre).

Remote Control and Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Plays the selected item (see this page for playlist queue behaviour options). Ctrl-P PLAY button
Stop music Ctrl-S STOP button
Forward one track in a playlist Ctrl-[Right Arrow] SKIP button (>|)
Back one track in a playlist Ctrl-[Left Arrow] REPLAY button (|<)
Remove selected track from the playlist Delete -
Show (hidden) menu bar Home Info
Jump to 0-90 percent of the way through the list 0-9 0-9
Jump to the first item that starts with that letter. A-Z

Additional Notes

You can leave the music screen and move around the menu system with music still playing in the background. When a menu option is selected that requires sound (e.g. Live TV) the music will be stopped, and the other sound will replace it.

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