This screen allows you to browse and watch your video files that were not recorded by NextPVR (for example from a digital video camera, ripped from a DVD or downloaded from the Internet.


Depending on the current view mode, pressing left or up will show the menu bar. You can also move the mouse towards the top left of the screen or press the Info button on some remote controls.


Returns to the Main Menu.


Cycles between the types of view:



Deletes the selected item.

File types

The NextPVR video screen will show all files which match the extensions set in the config.xml file. Shortcuts to video files are also shown.

<VideoLibrary extensions="="^.+\.(mpeg|mpg|m2v|avi|ty|avs|ogm|mp4|mov|m2ts|wmv|cdg|iso|rm|dvr-ms|ts|mkv|vob|divx|flv|ratDVD|m4v|3gp|rmvb|wtv)$">

With the right codec it is able to play almost any type of video file.


The directories used for videos are configured on the Media Folders tab of the settings dialog.

Media Art

The NextPVR videos screen can display media art such as thumbnails and fan-art.


NextPVR looks for files named folder.jpg or default.jpg and if found will display them as a directory thumbnails. For individual video files, a .png or .jpg with same name and location as the video file will be used as it's thumbnail.

Fan Art

NextPVR will look for a file named fanart.jpg in a directory. If found that will be used as the background when browsing that directory. This feature is commonly known as fanart by HTPC users.


-[My Videos]
-- [Cartoons]
--- Bob The Builder SE01EP1.avi
--- Bob The Builder SE01EP2.avi
--- folder.jpg
-- [Shows]
--- Top Gear.wmv
--- Top Gear.png
--- fanart.jpg


Some skins can show additional metadata such as genre and synopsis from various sources.

Remote Control and Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Play video file Ctrl-P PLAY button
Show (hidden) menu bar Home Info
Jump to 0-90 percent of the way through the list 0-9 0-9
Jump to the first item that starts with that letter. A-Z
Play All Ctrl-P (when a directory is highlighted in the list) PLAY button (when a directory is highlighted in the list)
Play All least recently watched (or oldest if none have been watched) Ctrl-P (when the up one [..] item is highlighted in the list) PLAY button (when the up one [..] item is highlighted in the list)

Additional Notes

If you leave a video before it has completed, the next time you enter that video you will be asked whether you want to resume watching at the last point, or start over. Selecting "Resume" will start the video from the last watched point. Selecting "Restart" will play the video from the beginning.

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