This plugin will override the default player when selecting a Bluray movie or ISO from the default Videos plugin in NextPVR.

When selecting an ISO, a popup will be displayed until the ISO has been mounted (ignoring the <DaemonToolsDelay> setting in config.xml) and then the appropriate player will be launched. If the ISO is a DVD, it will play via the default DVD player once the ISO is mounted. If the ISO or selected video is a Bluray movie, it will be played via this plugin which utilizes a special build of the dslibbluray project. The main difference between this build and the original project is that UOPs are ignored. There are also some changes to the IBDNav interface to make NextPVR plugin integration easier.


EVR: This is the only video renderer supported at the moment.

AnyDVD HD. Encrypted movies are not supported.

For java discs/menus, you need Java (any version 5-7 should work. Version 8 is not supported):

DaemonTools or Virtual Clone Drive for ISOs.

Recommended AnyDVD HD settings

Video Bluray

"Enable Blu-ray support" checked (required).

All other settings in this screen are optional. "Remove prohibited user operations" is not required as this build of dslibbluray ignores UOPs anyway.

Video Bluray -> Speedmenu

"Enabled with Java discs" selected. All HDMV menus should work but there are some Java discs that may not work properly.

"Keep original menu" checked. You can select "Original menu" from the Speedmenu once playback starts. If there is an issue playing the original Java menu, stop/restart playback and launch the movie from the Speedmenu selections.


The latest version of the BlurayPlayer plugin is v0.0. (1509 downloads) (938 downloads)


1. Exit NextPVR.exe

2. Extract to the folder of your choice (eg: C:\DShow ).

3. Run C:\DShow\dslibbluray\register.bat (Vista+ users must right click and select "Run as administrator").

4. Extract to your NPVR data folder

5. Start NextPVR.exe, right click anywhere in the window and select "Settings".

6. Go to "Plugins" -> "BlurayPlayer" and configure decoders/options (see below).


Prefered decoders

Select your preferred video and audio decoders as well as your preferred audio renderer. Video decoders must support MPEG2, H.264 and VC-1.


"Use chapter skipping": Currently ignored. Skip will use chapter skipping, FF/Rew (short skips) will skip forward 60 seconds and backward 30 seconds.

"Use Fast Play": Currently ignored.

"Notify AutoRefresh": If checked will send a notification in NextPVR of the frame rate on title changes. If the AutoRefresh plugin is installed, it will respond to this notification.

Cyberlink Settings Tweaker

Allows you to set the default settings for the Cyberlink Video decoders for use in NextPVR (globally).

LAV Video Settings

Allows you to set the H/W acceleration used by the LAV Video Decoder when playing Blurays via this plugin.

If different from your normal LAV Video setting, this will set the video decoder to the selected mode before the Bluray video starts. When playback is complete, your previous setting will be restored.

Special Keymappings

ESC : Launches the Top Menu, it does not exit the player and return to NextPVR. To stop playback and return to NextPVR, press stop at anytime.

Blue: Launches/Closes the Popup Menu during playback (if the disc supports it).


This plugin is discussed in the Plugin & Skin support forum


1. Exit NextPVR.exe

2. Delete the BlurayPlayer folder from your NPVR Data\Plugins folder.

3. Run C:\DShow\dslibbluray\unregister.bat (Vista+ users must right click and select "Run as administrator").

4. Delete the dslibbluray folder.

Source Code

Contact whurlston to request copies of the source code.


Get some type of overlay working so we can display messages from NextPVR.

Implement Fast Play / selectable skipping mode.

Test PIP.

Test 3D titles.


Plugin developed by whurlston.
Original dslibbluray and EVRMixer filters developed by cb2000 and dukey of doom9.



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