Files plugin is intended to:

  • run external commands with a selected file/directory as an argument,
  • move a file/directory to predefined locations and update the NPVR database accordingly.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the Files plugin is v1.0.4537.beta (1832 downloads)

  • Copy files.dll to c:\Users\Public\NPVR\Plugins\Files or equivalent.
  • Copy skin.xml, left.png, right.png to c:\Users\Public\NPVR\Skin\Default\Files or equivalent.
  • Copy MediaInfo.dll to c:\Program Files\NPVR or equivalent.


This plugin has been tested with nPVR v2.4.3 only. It will (probably) not work with earlier versions.


The plugin modifies the NPVR database. Before trying it make sure to backup the NPVR database and export recordings to restore in the case of problems!

1. Enable plugin in NPVR.

2. Configure plugin in NPVR:

  • Set up Commands. %fullpath%, %dir%, %fname% and %ext% in the field Arguments will be replaced with the actual values on execution. Each command can be configured to accept a directory or file. If none of those is ticked it will be available for the root menu folders only. If not more than one instance of the command is to be run (e.g. for transcoding) WaitCompletion tick box needs to be ticked. If HideWnd is ticked the command will be started without opening a window. When both WaitCompletion and HideWnd are ticked the last line of the standard output is shown in the status field.
  • Set up Filters. Example: "*.mpg|*.ts|*.avi". If no filters are defined all files are shown in the file browser.
  • Set up Locations where you want to move files/directories to. They will also appear in the root of the file browser. The directories defined in the Video library are automatically included in the root. If Name2Title is ticked the title of the show will be prepended to the subtitle and the title will be set to the destination name. This enables manual grouping of the shows in the NPVR database to have 1 level tree structure in the Recordings menu. If HideInRoot is ticked the location will not appear in the plugin root directory.

You may need to update all Locations, Commands and Filters on upgrade by opening them in the setup dialog and selecting OK to include new options in the configuration file.


Select the file/directory and then select an appropriate action.

<Play> brings up the commands menu.

<Enter> plays a file or enters a directory.

<Esc> exits a directory.


File lists are not dynamically updated.

Dialog boxes not clickable.


This plugin is discussed in the


Remove the files copied at installation.

Source Code

Available on request from author.


Finding and fixing bugs.


Developed by tmrt.

Skin by Jaggy.


25 February 2011:

  • Initial public release: alpha

31 May 2012:

  • The first complete version with skin: v1.0.beta

3 June 2012:

  • Race condition bug during the move execution fixed.
  • Possibility to hide Locations from the root added.
  • Proper aborting of the move operation during the program exit.


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