MovieTrailers allows you to watch a selection of trailers for new and upcoming movies. It supports playback in a variety of resolutions, from 360p (low quality) to 1080p (full HD).

The plugin currently supports trailers from iTunes Movie Trailers.

Downloading and Installing

Download: (35 KB, 1507 downloads)

To install, simply extract the zip's contents into NextPVR's Data Directory.


This plugin requires an active internet connection. Playing trailers requires the ability to handle .mov (QuickTime) files containing H.264 video and AAC audio.

If you want to use AutoRefresh to ensure trailers play at the correct frame rate (23.976 fps for the vast majority) then you must update to at least version


All settings for the plugin can be configured using NextPVR's Settings dialog (right-click, and select Settings).

These settings are written to \Plugins\MovieTrailers\MovieTrailers.xml.

General Settings:

  • Trailer quality - select your preferred resolution for viewing trailers. The options are 640x360 (low quality), 848x480 (SD), 1280x720 (HD), and 1920x1080 (Full HD).
  • Include the year of release in movie titles - if selected, the title for each trailer will also include its year of release, eg "Skyfall (2012)" rather than just "Skyfall".
  • Fix movie titles containing articles (a, an, the) - if selected, titles containing articles will be reformatted so that they sort correctly in lists, eg "The Hobbit" would be become "Hobbit, The".

Cache Settings:

  • Cache directory - specifies the location to cache trailer data. This includes the list of available trailers, all their posters, and the actual trailers (once viewed).
  • Delete cached trailers once they have been viewed - if selected, trailer video files will be deleted after viewing (poster files are only deleted once a trailer is no longer available).

Using the Plugin

The plugin will automatically download the latest trailer information when you open it for the first time. To update in the future, select Refresh from the menu.

Browse for movie trailers using the list or icon views. You can toggle between them using the View menu option. The list view provides all of the available information for a highlighted trailer, whereas the icon view only provides its title and poster.

The views can be sorted using the Sort menu option. Sort types include:

  • New-Old - the date trailers became available, newest first
  • Old-New - the date trailers became available, oldest first
  • Release Date Descending - movie release date, future films first
  • Release Date - movie release date, oldest films first
  • A-Z - alphabetical by title
  • Z-A - reverse alphabetical by title

Trailers can be played by either selecting them, or highlighting them and then pressing Play. If a trailer is new, it will be streamed over the internet. Subsequent viewings - assuming the setting to delete cached trailers is disabled - will use the cached version.


For help, discussion, or reporting any issues with this plugin, please use the 3rd Party Plugins area of the NextPVR forum.


To uninstall the plugin, simply remove the two MovieTrailers folders from \Plugins and \Skin\Default. You can temporarily disable the plugin by renaming \Plugins\MovieTrailers to \Plugins\_MovieTrailers (adding the underscore).


Developed by imilne. The source code for the MovieTrailers plugin is available upon request.


2016-06-22 : v3.16.06.22

  • Improved the plugin's handling of any invalid hexadecimal characters that end up in the downloaded XML

2014-09-25 : v3.14.09.25

  • A small change to force the icon view to use NextPVR's new vertical layout rather than the old horizontal style

2013-10-11 : v3.13.10.11

  • Updated for NextPVR 3 (and .NET 4) compatibility

2012-12-22 : v2.12.12.22

  • Initial public release


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