(:description A Movies plugin.

What it does is to rely on already existing .nfo files created by e.g: Using Ember Media Manager to create them, and to grab fan and cover art.

Downloading and Installing

Download: Movies2.zip (172 KB, 1539 downloads)

To install:


The output .xml file is going to store all your movies like a "database" (basic metadata, video file location, cover and fan art location).

After you have specified the movie directories and the output .xml you may choose the Update Mode (see checkbox) and hit the Build XML button. The Movies Plugin is now going to generate a log file:

(<data directory>/Plugins/Movies/Movies.log) of the potential changes itís going to make, or it has made (in case Update Mode was selected).

I recommend running it without update and if youíre happy with the result seen in the Movies.log then you may run it in Update Mode to create/update your output .xml. The last 3 output xmlís are also saved in case of any issue.

Upon build itís going to go through the specified directories recursively and look for *.nfo files and related video files, cover and fan arts in the following order and grab the first one available: nfo: movie.nfo, <moviename>.nfo.

video file: for movie.nfo it grabs the first *.<videoextension>, for <moviename>.nfo the first <moviename>*.<videoextension>, where <videoextension> based on VideoLibrary extensions in config.xml

cover art: movie.tbn, movie.jpg, movie.png, poster.tbn, poster.jpg, poster.png, folder.tbn, folder.jpg, folder.png, <moviename>.tbn, <moviename>.jpg, <moviename>.png

fan art: fanart.jpg, fanart.png, <moviename>-fanart.jpg, <moviename>-fanart.png, <moviename>.fanart.jpg, <moviename>.fanart.png

The movie must have:

.nfo file,

Video file (based on VideoLibrary extensions in config.xml),

ID (IMDBID from nfo),

Title (from nfo)

to make it to the the "database" (output xml).

If you already have an output xml (i.e. Build XML has been run multiple times), itís going to compare the already existing output xml with the current data read from the movie directories and remove missing items and/or add new ones, changed items handled by subsequent remove and add.

Movies identified based on their:


the fullname (with path) of their nfo file,

the timestamp (last write time) of the nfo file.

Hence, in case you rename the original nfo file, or change the content of it (timestamp changes), itís going to remove the old record from the output xml and re-add it based on the current nfo file. Also you can tweak the output xml manually as long as you wonít change the above values in the output xml, and the original nfo file itself, your manual changes should stick through multiple builds.


For help, discussion, or reporting any issues with this plugin, please use this forum link:

To un-install


Developed by vic


Release Number - Movies 2.0

Release Date 11.12.2012

Changed content rating (certification) extraction from nfo. In setup you can specify a comma separated list of countries to look for a country specific rating in certification tag. It's case-sensitive. The default is USA. e.g.: "West Germany,Germany,Hungary,USA". For this to take effect you need to run the build with rebuild checked in setup (see below).

Added <moviname>-poster.jpg to posters lookup.

Use plot or outline if the other is empty (plot used for listview and details, outline for covers and iconsview).

Added a "rebuild" check box to setup to build completely from scratch (ignores already existing output.xml).

Build externally: ExtBuild.exe - Parameters /s: silent (not attempting to open movies.log at the end of the build), /u: update, /r: rebuild. You need to copy ExtBuild.exe to the same directory as NUtility.dll (C:\Program Files\NPVR\).

Build from menu (runs with /s: silent, /u: update). You can't rebuild from menu.

Handling multiple genre tags in nfo. For this to take effect, you need to run the build with rebuild checked in setup (see above).

Identify/display updates during build instead of displaying them as consecutive remove and add.


You can specify categories in setup with the following attributes: - Name (required field) - Description (optional field) - Background: Background Image (optional field) - Contains Filter for File Location, (case-sensitive): this will filter the movies based on their fullname(including path) containing the specified value (hence you can filter on directories). In case it's empty then all movies showed. E.g.: - filter: HD Movies\ for directory C:\Movies\HD Movies- filter: HD Movies2\ for directory C:\Movies\HD Movies2 When there are no categories specified then you go straight to movies. When there's any category specified then it will appear before displaying the movies for you to select. It's a simple coversview, but the skin is defined to look similar to the horizontal menu. Note: The "Movies" button suppose to be at the same location as in the Main menu. For some reason the active menu item in the main menu is not centered in the rectangle, at least not centered for me, hence you may need to tweak either the categories.xml or the menu/horizontal.xml if you wish to line them up.


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