Music Box 4 is a plugin that does not use a directory structure for holding music files. It is based on psycik's MusicLibrary 2 and 3 plugin, updated and refreshed for NextPVR.

Album Compilation Menu

Standard Jukebox View

Icon Jukebox View

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the MusicBox4 plugin is v10.0.1

Uncompress and run the installer. The installer only includes support for the Default skin (thanks to Jaggy). If your preferred skin doesn't support MB4, the Default skin will be used but the look and feel may not match.

Music Box4 - 9.4 Download:MusicBox4.7z (2599 downloads)

Explanation of Components

Here is what the different DLLs do:

Tag-lib-sharp.dll is an external tag reader ultraid3lilb.dll is an external (MP3 only) tag reader. Interop.wmp.dll - this is the Windows Media player DLL.


This plugin has been tested with NextPVR v2.1.4 and above - it requires the .NET 2.0 framework to be installed.

It uses the following external id3 tag libraries.

UltraID3Lib - this is a very good, MP3 only tag reader. It supports album art within mp3 files and can be downloaded from

Taglib-sharp - this library handles almost anything you can throw at it, and also handles embedded album art. Available from

For your convenience these libraries are preinstalled, Taglib-sharp in the NPVR Program directory and UltraID3Lib in the NPVR Program\plugins\common directory.


Configuration is done through standard NextPVR Config by right clicking on the NextPVR screen




Media Library/Collections

Library Update


Album Art

Album Art is read from a file folder.jpg or default.jpg, cover.jpg in the directory containing the MP3 file. UltraID3 lib is included this will attempt to read embedded album art.

In order album art is read: Embedded in track Song name.jpg Album name.jpg Folder.jpg Default.jpg.

FanArt and Backdrops

MusicBox4 is automatically configured to download and display music artist backdrops from the great collection at in the Jukebox view. The art is stored in the NextPVR Data Folder Media\Artists and you will need to create this folder. The config settings for this in MusicBox.xml are


Additionally when no art is found it will look in your Skin folder for generic art for display for the folder Skin\Default\MusicBox4\Backdrops

This is the setting for it.


Some nice generic is available here

Configuring Paths

In the config app under Media Library/Collections

Specify the directories where media is housed. When starting for the first time a default path of C:\ is included. This can be deleted. It will be attached to a collection called system. See below for an explanation of collections.

Paths are stored in the MusicBox4 database.

These are collections of music, say Xmas, Kids etc.

Confused yet?? Try it and see.

Now you can scan everything, if you've made changed to the collections they will need to be saved for the scan to work.

Using the Plugin

Library Screen

Playlist Screen

Press the Ctrl-K key (record) to delete a playlist. M3U playlists will come back in the next scan. - [B]- NOT YET IMPLEMENTED[/B]

Pressing the record key on a track will delete the track from the playlist, if playing, it will restart the current play after deletion.

If a track has been identified as having an associated cue file by showing "(CUE)" on the title, this track can be "opened" by hitting enter (ok) on it, this will show all of the sub tracks - and as the track plays it will update with the currently playing. NOTE: hitting next or previous track will skip to the next track in the playlist, not the next track in that cue file!! [B]- NOT YET IMPLEMENTED[/B]

CUE Files

psycik used to listen to a Trance radio show every week from Holland. These are 2 hour long sets, and what some people do is add a cue sheet for these large mp3s. Psycik implemented CUE files as a way of showing the contents of a large, radio show mp3 file. It just means it shows what track you're up to.

Originally Cue files were used for ISO files. Or using tools like mp3Direct cut, it will take a cue file and split the mp3 tracks up into individuals for storing on a an audio cd.


This plugin is discussed in the Recording2, MusicLibrary2, SystemStatus Support forum

Source Code

Known Limitations


If you feel like you would like to donate to Psycik for the original MusicLibrary 2 or 3.



mvallevand psycik jaggy


10.0 25-Aug-2015

9.4 11-July-2012


9.3 14-December-2011

9.2 Beta 22-July-2011


9.1 Beta




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