The RSSReader plugin provides two main functionalities:

  • Reading a set of predefined RSS feeds.
  • Download and display of a set of predefined web pages.

Downloading and Installing

The latest version of the RSSReader plugin was released on March 28th, 2013.

Download: (1153 downloads)

Extract the zip's contents into C:\Users\Public\NPVR (or equivalent). If you use a skin other than the default, you'll also need to copy the \skin subfolder over to whichever one you use instead. The plugin comes with skin files for the Default nPVR skin.

Requirements (nPVR only)

This plugin has been tested with nPVR v2.4.3 only. It will not work with earlier versions.


Feeds and web pages are configured in feeds.xml file in the plugin directory.

Using the Plugin

Navigate with arrows. <Enter> to select items. <PgUp>, <PgDown> for zooming and text scrooling.


This plugin is discussed here:

Source Code

Source code is currently not available.

Known Limitations

Some strange behaviour on MVP when listening to podcast feeds.


Some polishing of the user interface. Automatic feeds update. ...





  • Fixed problem with sites requiring user-agent request header
  • Fixed incorrect skin decimal point handling
  • Upgraded Default Skin


  • Improved handling of feed times.
  • Added "atom" feed format parser.


  • Better handling of HTML formatted feeds.


  • Fixed problems with zooming and text scrolling on some XP sp2 systems.
  • <PgUp> and <PgDown> in addition to single line scroll for text feeds.

2010-09-24 :


  • Podcasts now play on MVP and hopefully on NMT.
  • Some not so obvious bugs fixed.


  • Zoom for image feeds
  • Scrolling text for longer feeds
  • Possibility to download a static image of any web page

2010-09-12 :

  • Initial public release


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