SearchLite is a search plugin for NextPVR. It uses the NEWA search engine to search and also queries and to get television and movie program information and artwork.

Downloading and Installing

Download:SearchLiteSetup.7z (3906 downloads)

Uncompress the file and run SearchLiteSetup.exe and it will automatically install to the appropriate NPVR folders.


This plugin requires NextPVR v3.1.1+ This plugin will access the Internet. No personal information (other than your IP) will be sent.


Normally no configuration is necessary, host and client modes are automatically detected. Firewall access to NEWA running on your prime NextPVR server may be required.

Using the Plugin

Normal Searches

- Enter text with the the keyboard or via cellphone style on a remote

- Backspace or Rewind to erase the previous character

- Use the * (asterisk) to switch to mixed case queries

- Ctrl-F or Fast Forward turn on accented characters. Due to a limitation of SQLite when accents are used, a case specific search is required.

- Ctrl-K or Record key to quick record or cancel a recording
- Alt-G or Green keys toggles sort by name / date
- Alt-R or Red loads NEWA saved searches
- Alt-Y or Yellow key to toggle search criteria

"Title" Title contains search text
"Detail" Subtitle - Description contain search text
"Start" Title starts with search text
"Exact" Title exactly matches search text

If you search 2 characters or less you get a list in names order (with a count), and you can drill down on the search by hitting enter. Note 1-2 character names (ie V) can be searched in Exact mode.

Search Results

Hitting Enter on a returned program from your EPG gets additional details from web services provided by and storing show metadata to Media\Shows You can optionally download a "cover" for these shows to Media\Shows.

If you have whurlston's YouTube plugin installed you can also view available movie trailers

If you have Exact mode search on, when the search isn't found in your EPG SearchLite will still look it up online.

You can save searches to NEWA from the NPVR Button menu at the top

NEWA Upcoming

Search for upcoming shows on TV or streaming server that may or may not be currently available.

NEWA Saved Searches

From the Recall Button menu you can list NEWA saved searches. Hitting Enter gives you an option to Delete or Query the search. You can also run the search with the Ctrl-P Play button

From normal searches you have the option to save a new query to NEWA The filename will be the Phrase + Date/Time

If a search is not found you will be prompt to save to NEWA

NEWA Auto Run

From the button bar you run force an NEWA Auto Run at any time, if you want to schedule on each startup add this file in the DataDirectory\Plugins\SearchLite\SearchLite.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>\\

Ratings Searches

If shows in your guide are rated you can search on ratings several ways. Rating seach is based on a . (period) in the first 3 characters of the search.

You can either limit based on a number (1. 2.5 3.0 etc) or number of stars equal to number of periods . (one period) zero (note now to eliminate 0 and 0.5 rated movies from the list .. two stars etc

.A, .B etc will show all movies with the starting letter

Past Searches

Normal searches in SearchLite are based on the future EPG show. There is an exception, an experimental search for all recorded (and failed) files in your database. To get this mode search with just the < (less than) key.


This plugin is discussed in the Plugin & Skin support forum You may also want support check support for NEWA Enhanced Web Admin (EWA) EWA Wiki

Source Code

Source code is currently not available.

Known Limitations

You cannot schedule and cancel recordings without doing a second search.


  • Scheduling recurring recording
  • Renaming files based on episode information.


Developed by mvallevand


 24 April 2017
 v3.0.6323.17055  - Upcoming Recording - Search Advanced Rules - Save Advanced Rules in NEWA or NextPVR - Improvements to UI.

Past Versions

 18 May 2014
 v2.0.5251  Fixed long outstanding problem with extra directories

 11 October 2013 
 v2.0.5032  .NET .40

 22 February 2012
   v1.2.0.401 imageGrabLite - changed current version note (Braklet)
 14 October 2012
   v1.4.6 - changes for NEWA channel splitting, include old 
          - has old change to match NextPVR schedule popup
 03 March 2012
   v1.4.5.4 - @channelNumber error on NEWA Saved searches
 28 February 2012
   v1.4.5.3 - Misc fixes, added @channelNumber/Name fields
 07 February 2012
   v1.4.5.2 - Fix when search not found online
            - experimental TV themes.
 03 February 2012
   v1.1.3 imageGrabLite - error on original-air-date search
 29 January 2012
   v1.4.5.1 - Improved multi year online TVDb searching
   v1.1.2 (imageGrabLite)  Ditto
 26 January 2012
   v1.4.5 - Added trailer support using whurlston's YouTube Plugin.  Additional fixes, improves NEWA Run support
 22 January 2012
   v1.4.4.2 - Added new fields used by JustRetro Popup
 21 January 2012
   v1.4.4.1 - Fixed exact search
 21 January 2012
   v1.4.4 - Improved Star-rating support, fixed saved-search bug.
 18 January 2012
   v1.4.3 - Update for 2.3.6 NPVR (Genre, etc)
 26 December 2011
   v1.3? - Update from March-July not posted on wiki (oops)
 04 March 2011 :
   v1.3 - Changes for v2.0, misc fixes 
05 September 2010 : v1.2 - Create recurring searches, misc fixes
15 August 2010 : v1.1 - Minor changes
11 August 2010 : v1.0 - Initial public release


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