This plugin provides a system overview of recordings, connected drives (including network drives), active tuners, basic hardware monitoring, and power related options.

Downloading and Installing

Download: (326 KB, 5678 downloads)

To install, simply extract the zip's contents into NextPVR's Data Directory.


If you wish to display CPU temperature information then CoreTemp must be installed and running in the background.


All settings for the plugin can be configured using NextPVR's Settings dialog (right-click, and select Settings). These settings are written to \Plugins\System\System.xml.

General Settings:

Drive Monitoring:

Use the list control to add, remove, or edit the drives to be monitored. Each drive can be configured either via drive letter (eg c: d:) or by a UNC network path (eg \\myserver\myshare). You can select an icon to display for the drive, and a custom label if you want to override the name used by Windows normally. The selected icon does not have to match the drive type - it's completely up to you which one you pick. You can add up to ten drives, with the skin adapting its display in different ways for up to 3, 5, or 10 drives.

Rename Tuners:

You can use the Rename Tuner tabs to provide custom names for each of the tuners configured within NextPVR. These will display when the plugin is showing active recordings via its Tuners view.

Temperature Monitoring:

The System plugin can display the temperature of your CPU so long as you have CoreTemp installed and running in the background. The selection of display (in either C or F) can be made within CoreTemp's settings menu. If you have multiple CPUs or CPU cores, then the temperature you will see is the maximum value found across all of them.

Using the Plugin

The plugin will automatically select either the Drives view or the Tuners view based on current activity. It defaults to the Drives view, switching to Tuners if recordings become active. You can manually flick between them by selecting the View option from the menu.

Keyboard shortcuts are read from NextPVR's main KeyMappings.xml file, and are defined for changing the View (ShowOSD/Blue: Alt+B), accessing the Power options (Red: Alt+R), and Shutdown (Stop: Ctrl+S).


For help, discussion, or reporting any issues with this plugin, please use the 3rd Party Plugins area of the NextPVR forum.


To uninstall the plugin, simply remove the two System folders from \Plugins and \Skin\Default. You can temporarily disable the plugin by renaming \Plugins\System to \Plugins\_System (adding the underscore).


Developed by imilne, with skin creation by Hairy. The source code for the System plugin is available upon request.


2016-09-25 : v3.16.09.25

2014-06-02 : v3.14.06.02

2013-10-11 : v3.13.10.11

2012-12-19 : v2.12.12.19

2012-03-10 : v2.12.03.10

2012-03-02 : v2.12.03.02

2012-02-25 : v2.12.02.25

2011-07-16 : v2.11.07.16

2011-07-14 : v2.11.07.14

2011-07-11 : v2.11.07.11

2011-04-22 : v2.11.04.22

2010-12-24 : v2.10.12.24

2010-12-02 : v2.10.12.02

2010-11-21 : v2.10.11.21

2010-10-22 : v2.10.10.22

2010-10-11 : v2.10.10.11

2010-08-08 : v2.10.08.08

2010-08-05 : v2.10.08.05

2010-07-18 : v2.10.07.18

2010-07-13 : v2.10.07.13