The plugin will natively play Web Radio streams in the Windows Media format. With an external player like VLC, Winamp or mPlayer it will play almost any streaming format. Streaming Radio to PopCorn Hour NMT devices and the Hauppauge MVP is also supported.

Web Radio - Main Menu
Radio Station Detail View
DVB Radio


  • Menu for Last Played Station
  • Add to Favourites with Recording Button (Ctrl-K) when playing a Station
  • Edit Favourites Menu. Sort stations, edit metadata and assign icon.
  • Add favourites online and play them locally.
  • Play favourites saved with GBPVR's Net Radio
  • Play Digital (DVB,QAM,ATSC) Radio
  • User Menu allows you to add you own Menu Icons, eg your DVB radio file, your M3U Playlist, your "country selection" etc.
  • Shows Now Playing in Web Radio and other screens.
  • Use several external players for playing most streamtypes.
  • Supports most streamtypes, WMA, ASX, MP3, M3U, PLS, OGG, AAC with VLC and Real Audio with mPlayer
  • Supports playing of Sirius Radio online content (subscription required) using SiriusStreamer utility
  • Built in stream support for MVP and PCH is enabled by built-in "UbuStream Lite" function.
  • Choose from many Radio Stations in menus
  • RadioTime - 60.000+ stations
  • Mikes - 5.000+ stations
  • Penbex - 10.000+ stations
  • Reciva - 16.000+ stations
  • Shoutcast - 30.000+ stations
  • IceCast - 2.400+ stations
  • Sirius Radio - 100+ stations
  • RSS Podcasts

Supported and tested External Players

Configuration of External Players and Icon Directory

Below "nodes" are inserted into <PluginSettings> section in config.xml by the installer.
The <player> "node" can be configured to almost any external command line driven player of your choice.

This information is stored in WebRadio.xml


Temp Directory
Web Radio will require a directory where it will cache Radio Station menus. In order of selection

1. Taken from the WebRadioxml ie <Cache>C:\Some Folder</Cache>
2. C:\temp
3. The configured Windows Temp folder

<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <vlc>C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe</vlc>
      <player>C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe</player>
      <!--player>C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe</player-->
      <!--player>C:\Program Files\winamp\winamp.exe</player-->

User Menu configuration

The User Menu is located in ./media/WebRadio/UserMenu.xml
With the installer the user menu comes pre-configured with 4 MenuFile items.

  • My Online Favorites (create and account at, and change the demo.csv account to your "name.csv")
  • My M3U Playlist (specify path and filename to desired playlist file)
  • My Country (you can select any cache file in C:\temp as you country specific MenuFile)
  • DVB Radio
    -Uses Digital Radio Stations found during a scan with a digital device. Enabled in the Web Radio plugin options.
    - will currently lock the tuner from recording, preference to use the live tv cache file.
    - no channel config necessary.
    - 30 second delay caching for the NMT - requires an mvpmcx2 update as well.
  • Station list from can be added to UserMenu.xml with this setup
        <Title>UK Radio Feeds</Title>
        <Description>Lists from</Description>

Download Full Web Radio Plugin Package

The Installer contains WebRadio plugin. ZIP contains directories
./KeyMappings/ (MainMenu.xml keymapping file with termination of external player)
./media/Country/ (flags for all countries)
./media/RadioLogos/ (Logos and Radio shown in GUI)
./media/WebRadio/ (Menu files RadioStations)
./skin/default/ (Skin files for Web Radio)
./Third Party/bass (External player using bass dlls)
/Source Code directory
Extract ZIP and run Batch-Installer.exe to install plugin and skin files. It should work fine right out of the "box", without any configuration.
If you want to change the external player, there are BAT files in the Installer root that will change the <player> setting in config.xml, if you run the BAT files. Check the path to your player.

The latest version of the WebRadio plugin is v4.0 Updated 2014-09-08
Web Radio v4.0 (2218 downloads)
Web Radio AddOns (2010-06-04) (1772 downloads)
Note the addons are redundant now use the HD icons with 4.0! Thanks Lao Pan

Extender AddOns

PopCorn Hour and MVP Addon
If you don't have UbuRadio or UbuStream installed, the attached file needs to be installed for playback of non-mp3 streams on the NMT or MVP. \\

Sirius Radio AddOn
Sirius Radio subscribers can listen to online audio hosted by Sirius (if you do not yet have a Sirius Online account, please call Sirius, they will give you your username/pass)

  • Install
  • Configure the SiriusStreamer server to use the default port and local machine ip (
  • Configure protocol as HTTP and format as M3U
  • You may configure SiriusStreamer to start with Windows and always minimize to the tray icon (it won't stream from Sirius unless you are actually listening via the client end (like with NextPVR and WebRadio!)

(now the work begins, but the payoff is coming)

  • Create a file (use notepad) in the /NPVR/media/WebRadio folder called SiriusStreamer.csv this file should have the following format

    "Sirius-70s on 7",,m3u,0
    "Sirius-80s on 8",,m3u,0

    etc. Add as many as you like. Each entry is on a single line, the channel name is in quotes, the http points to the local machine (or wherever SiriusStreamer is pointing to), the port must match the config in SiriusStreamer, and the sirius?channel= must match that of the Channels tab in SiriusStreamer.

  • Finally.. open up /NPVR/media/WebRadio/UserMenu.xml using notepad. Add a new UserMenu item like this:

        <Title>Sirius Radio</Title>
        <Description>Sirius Radio Relay</Description>


This plugin has been tested with NextPVR v3.


This plugin has no support.
This plugin might be discussed in the Developers forum


Sub, mvallevand, ubu, MixMan


2014-09-08 : v4.0 - NextPVR
2012-01-11 : v3.7 - NextPVR
2011-04-08 : v3.6 - NextPVR
2011-03-04 : v3.5 - NextPVR
2010-12-24 : v3.4 - NextPVR
2010-08-15 : v3.3 - NextPVR
... other releases not included
2009-10-01 : v2.0 - mvallevand amd mixman's massive update of the plugin
2008-03-01 : v1.0 - Initial public release


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