NextPVR has a number of extension points that allow users to add functionality over and above what's available in the core program. A number of users have already created and published plugins.

This page will try and give you all the information you need in order to create your own plugins for NextPVR.

Getting Started

TODO: Requirements (knowledge and hardware/software eg VS 2008 C#/.NET knowledge etc)

API Reference

API Reference


TODO: 10ft interface, translations, support, publishing, keymappings etc


Sub (the author of NextPVR) has posted a number of demo plugins on the forums for use as a reference. These are now also hosted here for prosperity. Some developers have made the source for their plugins available on the forums, wiki page or Open Source and code sharing websites such as Google Code and Sourceforge.

A screen plugin implementation with the older style screen, buttons on the left, list on the right. Download: (354 downloads)

A screen plugin implementation with smaller hidden buttons in the top left and a list below them. Download: (356 downloads)

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