This walkthrough covers clear QAM device configuration, scanning for channels, understanding the results of the scan, and setting up the EPG. It uses a Happauge HVR-1600 tuner card, a US cable service, and SchedulesDirect EPG as a specific example but will be useful for most clear QAM devices and TV services.

1. Configure Your Device

On the Devices tab of the settings dialog select your QAM device and click the Device Setup button.

This will show the Digital Recorder Settings dialog. Scan with the Default Cable Frequencies initially.

2. Scan for channels

Click Scan to show the Digital Channels Setup Dialog and start the channel scanning process. When the scan is complete, most if not all clear QAM channels will be selected. In the example given, 327 channels were found, of which 23 were unencrypted clear QAM channels. You may manually select/unselect from this list. Check your local cable listings at Silicon Dust You may be able to identify your unknown channels. Click OK when finished.

In this example (below), the selection has been limited to the 11 HD channels. Note that these channels were shown as "MPEG2 SD" in the scan results. At this stage, some channels remain unknown. When you are satisfied with your channel selection, click OK. Select the channel list from the channels tab.

3. Identify your channels.

Select a channel and click Details to edit the name/number as desired. If unknown channels remain, you may view those channels in LiveTV to identify them, then right-click the screen, select Settings/Channels and edit the channel name & number.

4. Setup the EPG

Map a Schedules Direct EPG to the channels. Schedules Direct currently provides listings through a JSON service. You need to have setup an account at Schedules Direct. Select a channel to map and click Details. Select Schedules Direct as the Source, enter your Username and Password and click Download. After a bit your lineup(s) will appear. Select your Lineup, then, from the Mapping pulldown, select the appropriate listing. Edit the General setting if you wish to change the channel number or name.

Click OK when finished. You will return to the list of all channels; click Bulk Map to finish mapping. You may edit the Details for any channels that fail to map automatically. When you have mapped all channels to the Schedules Direct listing and renamed/renumbered channels as needed, you are finished.

Click Update EPG to load your listings. In the future, the EPG will be updated every day as per the EPG Update Hour setting on the General tab. Once the EPG is updated you can click OK on Settings dialog to save your configuration. You should now see a list of channels in the TV Guide.

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